Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling Brisbane

Our Relationship Psychologists and Specialist Couples Counsellors in Brisbane help couples to achieve the kind of relationship they have always wanted. Using evidence informed couples counselling and family therapy methods, couples significantly improvement their outlook. Couples move from distress to a much happier life together in a relatively short time frame.

Getting the right help when you need it.

Seeking professional help for a marriage is a big step for most couples.

We know that the sooner you attend to a problem the easier it is to resolve. This applies equally to problems that we experience in our relationships. Some couples come to Marriage Counselling to have a safe space to discuss issues with the help of a relationship counsellor. These may be general issues that are beginning to upset them and they are finding them hard to resolve.

While other couples only come to Marriage Counselling when they are in such a state of distress that their marriage could end unless they get the right help immediately. The problems can feel insurmountable at this point. A qualified relationship counsellor can help work out the most important issues to work on first and make the path to positive change feel possible.

Couples Counselling is not always an easy or straight forward process. We know that the stakes are high for couples, their families, and for the individuals who are experiencing such difficulties.

How Do You Know That You Are Choosing the right Couples Counsellor?

We have made this step a little easier for you. First, we have selected only well qualified, highly trained and experienced Relationship Psychologists, Social Workers and Counsellors. Secondly, the Director of this service, who has been working with families and couples for nearly 30 years, is personally involved in the selection of these counsellors.

Even though you may have researched the counsellors background and you are more than happy with their qualifications and years of experience as a marriage counsellor, you still will not really know if you have chosen the right counsellor until you have had at least one or two counselling sessions.
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