Health Rebates

Health Rebates


The Medicare system can provide a partial rebate for counselling to individuals who are eligible. An assessment and referral is required from a GP under the Better Access Mental Health Treatment Plan. Your GP will require a longer visit time.

This offers a partial rebate of around $74-84.00 per session. For the session length of one hour or more. Up to 10 sessions are available for rebate, within a single calendar year.

The Medicare Safety Net is also available to all Medicare Card holders for help with health expenses. All out of pocket medical expenses (ie over the Medicare rebate) accumulates until the total reaches the threshold. The threshold is adjusted every year. Once you go over the threshold you get 80% of the out of pocket expenses as well as the medicare benefit back.

Private Health Insurance

Take the time to check with your fund to ensure Psychological services are covered. Many Insurance organisations require you to have opted into this cover rather than being automatically covered as part of the ‘extras’ cover.

Even a top cover choice can have these services omitted. All funds have a ‘per person’ limit on the amount you can claim per year. The average amount per person is around 200-600.00.

It is not universally required that all counsellors have providers numbers for Medicare and Private Health funds.