Phone and Skype Counselling Brisbane

Phone and Skype Counselling

For greater convenience

Often couples have not sought the help of a relationship specialist for a range of logistical reasons. Issues like having small children and no support, long distance and rural locations, time, working hours and harder still partners who in different locations.

In these situations, counselling via the Phone or Skype becomes a useful and convenient option. It allows you both to participate in counselling even when one partner is at home while the other is still at work.

Skype Counselling

Anywhere in the world where there is a high speed internet connection, and you have a computer that has a video camera, Skype counselling is available to you and your partner. Skype provides both a free and a paid version of its service.

Another great aspect of Skype counselling is that it adds a degree of comfort because you are both in an environment that you are familiar with.

When couples are in different locations, we arrange conferencing with Skype so that you both can effectively meet with a couples counsellor at the same time. We can manage different locations and different time zones.

The sessions themselves are mostly what one would expect a typical marriage counselling session to be like. Couples will discuss the issues that they are struggling with in their marriage, with the counsellor.

The counsellor will help develop strategies to address the issues and overcome challenges that all lead to an improvement in the relationship.

Many of the same time proven marriage counselling techniques are used in the Skype sessions to help couples get their marriage to being great again.

There are however some issues that we advise against using Skype for relationship counselling, and that is family violence or abuse. If you are in a relationship that is violent or abusive, then we encourage you to seek out a specialist counsellor within your local community.

Phone Counselling

Telephone counselling also provides a safe and private discussion with a relationship counsellor. When you don’t have access to a reliable fast speed internet, or you simply prefer the telephone, it’s easy and convenient to speak to one of our Couples’ Counsellors to discuss your situation.

Confidentiality is always important to us and is an integral part of both the Skype and telephone relationship counselling service that we provide. All telephone counselling calls remain confidential at all times.

Importantly, you will not be contacted by telephone or Skype at any time for any reason other than for arranged Skype or telephone counselling appointments.

Telephone counselling provides a safe, personal and supportive environment for any individual or a couple to seek relationship guidance and advice.

To make an appointment about Skype of telephone counselling is easy. Just contact us and we will help arrange one for you.