Pre-marriage Counselling

Pre-Marriage 101

Getting married is more than an event, it is strengthening a commitment that two people are making to each other.

Our pre-marriage sessions are for couples who are wanting to prepare themselves as they go into marriage by learning the essential components of a successful life together.

Pre-marriage Education

We teach couples the skills, tools and techniques for:

  • 1. Improving communication,
  • 2. Managing difference and conflict respectfully,
  • 3. To clarify their individual and shared goals,
  • 4. Identifying the strengths that each bring to the relationship

We also highlight some of the traps that couples unwittingly fall into. We discuss the family’s they each grew-up in, some key childhood experiences and how that affects the relationship today.

Research suggests and our experience confirms that couples completing a pre marriage session are better equipped to transition from dating or living together into marriage.

The sessions provide couples with the knowledge and skills required to develop communication skills and conflict resolution skills that are uniquely essential in a life-long committed relationship.

Session Goals:

• Create a shared vision of the future
• Develop shared life expectations
• Identify financial goals
• Clarify family goals, like when to have children
• Resolve unfinished conflict or issues
• Talk about extended family concerns
• Learn communication skills required in a marriage
• Gain a better understanding of each other

When relationships work, they are incredibly rewarding and when they don’t work so well, they can be an incredibly hard challenge.

The locations for Pre-marriage Counselling in Brisbane are Clayfield and Capalaba.