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Where to start…

MARRIAGE counselling solves current problems and helps guard against future issues. The process of counselling will help you both to gain personal insights and grow as a couple while achieving the relationship and life you each aspire.

In the marriage counselling sessions, couples learn to turn arguing into conversations, and begin to handle their differences as opportunities for appreciating the other and deepening their connection.

When couples attend marriage counselling for the first time, they express both shock and sadness as they recognize that their marriage, their dreams and the love they have or had for each other is in such disrepair.

Couples frequently describe themselves as once being best friends, but now find themselves on vastly different pages on many issues.

Couples who do not learn the skills and abilities to address and resolve their differences will over time develop persistent and difficult communication patterns. These negative behaviours and attitudes prevent positive solutions.

Comments from couples…

How did we get here?   Where has the love gone?
How did this happen?   How do we fix ourselves?

At Marriage Counselling Brisbane, our highly qualified and experienced marriage counsellors offer a safe and accepting space in guiding couples to discuss the dynamics of their marriage. They skilfully help work through the issues that couples are struggling with.

The aim is for couples to achieve a stronger connection, positive regard and a deeper sense of love with each other.