What does the first session look like?

Your first appointment…

FOR your first session, the marriage counsellor will help you both settle into the counselling process. They know couples are often uncertain and a little nervous about counselling, or are feeling upset due to the problems they are currently experiencing in their marriage.

In the early part of the counselling, the Couples Counsellor will seek to understand the main issues that have motivated you both to get professional help. The Counsellor will also seek to clarify ‘why at this time, or why now?’ are you both seeking help. The Counsellor will also get an overview of the history of your marriage.

All of these questions help guide the Couples Counsellor how best approach the problems within the marriage. The Counsellor will understand how to respectfully discuss with each person their role in how the problems have developed within the relationship.

To ensure a supportive and safe process, the Couples Counsellor actively guides couples through the conversation in order to reduce any negative exchanges between each partner.

Our aim is to provide a constructive and collaborative approach to problem solving and marriage enhancement.
Attending marriage counselling for the first time can be an anxious experience for a couple. We are aware that you are essentially speaking to a stranger about very personal matters.

The Counsellors will help to make couples feel comfortable in this environment. You will feel a strong sense of hope that the counsellor can help restore your relationship to a much happier and connected state.

Couples usually settle into the counselling process within a very short time and feel a sense of relief as they begin to deal with their concerns in a positive and constructive way.