When Should You Come to Counselling?

When to Start…

TIMING for marriage counselling is important. There are two compelling reasons to act early in seeking marriage counselling.


1 : Don’t let the negatives set in.

As the difficulties that couples experience drag on over a long period of time, we find that at least one partner, and sometimes both, will lose their ‘willingness’ to make the extra effort required to get the marriage back into good shape.

2 : Don’t lose the connection.

The more entrenched the problems become in a marriage, the harder and longer it takes to resolve these and therefore to reconnect with your partner.

For some couples, the deterioration has occurred to such an extent that eventual marriage breakdown and family fragmentation is highly probable.

Through many years of providing marriage counselling to hundreds of couples, we firmly recommend that it is not a good idea to wait until you both are in agreement to attend marriage counselling.

A good ‘guide’ is… if one person is asking for marriage counselling, then the other should make it a priority for this to happen ASAP.